Diploma in International Hotel
and Tourism Management

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi) is one of the Top 5 Swiss Hotel Schools, ranked 14 in the 2018 World QS Top University rankings in the area of Hospitality and Leisure Management. HTMi is a world leading education provider offering the Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management.

Here at HTMi Australia, this program presents an excellent opportunity to combine the best aspects of a leading Swiss Hospitality Education, and the Market leading expertise of formal industry training under the guidance of AccorHotels. Through this partnership between HTMi Australia and Accor, we are preparing our students for the best of all career possibilities that the Hotel sector has to offer, and opening up a range of opportunities that such a relationship can afford.

 ‘We are far more than a worldwide leader. We are 250,000 hospitality experts who share the same passion. Welcoming people. We take care of millions of guests in our 4,300 addresses. Every day, we put all our energy into spreading the most powerful promise in the hospitality profession: Feel Welcome. In more than 4100 hotels in 95 countries.’


Our program prepares students for a career in this dynamic environment, by blending an education built on theoretical, as well as practical foundations, and giving the students the experience and exposure to function in the modern hospitality and hotel management landscape. Upon completion of The Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge, practical skills and competencies required for successful supervisory roles within the operational areas of an international hotel and tourism organisation.
  • Understand the nature of hotel and resort management, the complexities of the commercial hospitality enterprise and financial management processes.
  • Confidently demonstrate information technology, study skills and research methods at the appropriate level.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and business management skills for successful supervisory roles within an international hotel and tourism organisation.

Our subjects reflect our global outlook and positioning while addressing the mechanics required to succeed in a competitive Hospitality landscape. We give our students the context to understand the development of the modern Hotel and Tourism Landscape, through subjects such as Tourism Studies, and Contemporary Issues in Hotel Studies, all the while embedding the practical skills needed to ensure success, through Food and Beverage, and Culinary Theory and Practical subjects.

Through our curriculum design of classroom to practical, we expose students to all of the required knowledge, from how to run a bar and floor service, to rooms division functionality, to the managerial skills of cost control, Human Resource practices, and Marketing. With our focus on soft skills application and customer service, our students enter the workforce armed with the skills that will ensure prolonged success in this constantly evolving space. The curriculum includes:

Year One:

  • Tourism Studies – This unit provides students with an understanding of the global environment within which the travel and tourism industry operates.
  • Contemporary Issues in Hotel Studies – This unit introduces a modern perspective on the hospitality industry, in which students actively research contemporary issues and trends in the tourism and hotel sector.
  • Food and Beverage Service ( Theory and Practical )- This unit introduces students to the basic concepts of food service and to the skills, knowledge and responsibilities required to succeed including:
    • Professionalism
    • RSA ( Responsible Service of Alcohol )
    • Customer Service
    • Layout and preparation
    • The meal experience and contributing factors
  • Beverages and Wine Studies – This unit enables students to gain knowledge and understanding of different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, its storage, production and support equipment, including cocktails, mixing and garnishes.
  • Cost Control – This unit gives students the knowledge to control and manage the main financial aspects of a quality restaurant in a five star Hotel or Resort, including:
    • Recipe costing
    • Menu pricing
    • Understanding the difference between planned and actual costs
    • Producing a bar/restaurant control system
    • Basic Excel skills
  • Information Technology 1- Introduces students to the basics of information technology and its application and possibilities in the Hospitality Industry landscape.
  • Entrepreneurial Project Year 1 – Students combine their learnings from their first year, and develop them in a creative and fun way, allowing them to see the close inter-relationships that exist between the subjects in the course.

Year Two:

  • Hotel and Resort Management – Enables students to describe the complexities involved in the design and development of a new resort, thereby enhancing their knowledge of the five star hotel and resort industry.
  • Hospitality Finance 2 – Students will learn the elements required to control and manage the main financial aspects of the key operational departments within a Hotel.
  • Introduction to Marketing – Students will learn the principles and strategies used in the Hospitality industry, and the function of Marketing research.
  • Food and Beverage Management – Students will learn the elements required to become a successful Food and Beverage manager in the Hospitality industry including:
    • Menu planning
    • Control methods
    • Strategic planning
  • Culinary ( Theory and Practical )- This unit enables students to gain knowledge of the equipment, commodities and methods required to prepare and cook food, as well as develop basic skills in preparing, storing and cooking. This includes all standard Australian WHS and Hygiene practices training.
  • Rooms Division Operations- Learners develop skills in front office operations, including advance reservations, guest registration, and guest accounting procedures, giving the students the skills requires to work effectively in the Front Office department of a Five Star Hotel or Resort. Additionally, students will receive in house OPERA systems training, for practical skills that are the industry standard in hotels worldwide.
  • Introduction to HRM and Organisations- The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of current issues, responsibilities, policies, procedures and processes applicable to human resources and organisational dynamics in hospitality businesses.
  • Research Methods 1 – This unit gives students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of the research process and produce an independent literature review.

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What people are saying


Dan Popa

Brand Manager & Hospitality Training Manager
“I would like to thank HTMi for the valuable education which proved so useful and to the HTMi Career Centre for this opportunity and for the continuous inspiration and support.”

Atika Rahma

Current Student
“I chose HTMi because it is a very good school for hospitality, tourism, and culinary. HTMi is located in Sörenberg, Switzerland which is renowned for having the best hospitality industry in the world.”

Charles Lee

current student from Singapore
“The HTMi journey has not only allowed me to experience different cultures from all over the world but also provided a unique opportunity for self-discovery.”

Roshan Joshua Abraham

Intern at Walt Disney World
“I joined HTMi Switzerland back in January 2016, during spring. It has been an incredible experience allowing me to learn and enhance my self-awareness.”

Eugene Koh

Executive Lounge Trainee
“After considering many schools to enhance my education, I was convinced that HTMi was the right choice for me.”

Victoria Gorodilova

Front Office Trainee
“I engaged in a second internship as a Front Office Trainee with the Grand Hyatt Dubai. I really enjoy this opportunity and am very excited about it.”