1. Who is HTMi?  What does it stand for?

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi) is one of the Top 5 Swiss Hotel Schools, ranked 14 in the 2018 World QS Top University rankings* in the area of Hospitality and Leisure Management. HTMi is a world leading education provider offering the Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management. HTMi prepares students for a management career in the global hospitality industry, through the rigour of Swiss work ethic which embodies signature values such as discipline, excellence and readiness. To help achieve this mission the focus of HTMi is to provide each student with industry relevant high quality education designed to meet employers’ needs.


2. Can I transfer to HTMi in Switzerland or another country?

Yes, having completed at least 1 year with HTMI Australia, you are able to transfer to HTMI in Switzerland or Singapore to complete 1 study period.


3. Why are the fees so high when I can get a similar to diploma for a lot less?

The Swiss Diploma provides a depth & breadth of training not provided by Australian vocational providers. This Diploma is also recognised worldwide as we are part of a Leading Hotel Management Institute which incorporates five centres of excellence.  As a result, the course uniquely equips graduates for a wide range of hotel management opportunities.

Hence it is a 2-year program, whereas most Australian vocational courses are of 1-year duration.


4. What do the fees cover?

Refer fees page of brochure.


5. Why isn’t the course Australian accredited?

The Swiss program is unique as it emphasises the Swiss hospitality ethos widely regarded as the finest in the world.

HTMI is one of the Top 5 Swiss Hotel Schools, ranked 14 in the 2018 World QS Top University rankings* in the area of Hospitality and Leisure Management.


6. What does the lack of Australian accreditation mean to me when I start to look for a job?  Will it be recognised by employers or other education providers?

Yes, absolutely, Swiss Hotel Management Education is recognised worldwide as the benchmark in Hotel Management training. With Accor as our exclusive hotel partner, we have one of the largest hotel chains in the world actively supporting our program. Also, Mulpha is a major property investor globally.

Hence these industry leaders alone offer a range of career opportunities for HTMI graduates.

The credibility of Swiss Hospitality training is universal across the global hospitality & tourism industry. As the program includes a total of 10 months internship, students will gain valuable work experience, a key requirement in gaining full-time employment.


7. Why is the HTMi a 2 year diploma however other VET providers offering a shorter version of 1 year?

This is because HTMI offers a depth & breadth of training, with a practical focus. Hence there are 2 X 5 month internships each year embedded into the program.


8. Why should I do the HTMi diploma rather than the THS degree?

We offer the choice of a vocational program with the opportunity to pathway into the THS Bachelor program. It really depends on the student’s learning preference at this stage of life – a vocationally focussed program vs the academic emphasis of the degree.


9. How many subjects will be I credited for the degree?

To be confirmed – either 8 units or 12 units of study.


10. Will I have to undertake another internship if I move onto the THS degree?

There maybe an option to receive credit or advance standing which will cover the internship component this needs to be addressed in the credit pathway agreement.


11. Can I be credited for any Cert II or Cert III Hospitality subjects I have taken in high school?

No, as these subjects would only offer a partial credit and not address all the unit components in this diploma.


12. Can I be credited for any Cert IV of Diploma subjects I have studied at other VET providers (not high school)?

No, as these subjects would only offer a partial credit and not address all the unit components in this diploma.


13. Will HTMi help me find my internship placement?

Our Professional learning Centre specialises in giving you the support to find the right internship. This support ranges from interview preparation, internship job board access, resume preparation & shot courses to support your professional development.


14. Will I get paid for my internship placement?

Yes for all operational internship roles. If you decide you’d like to do a management internship, this is possible but will be unpaid.


15. What can I expect to get paid while undertaking my internship?

Approximately $11,000 per internship, this is the minimum amount you can expect to earn as students are often offered the opportunity to work additional hours to the prescribed internship hours.


16. You have told us that Mulpha own hotels, however, I can’t do my HTMi internship at one of these properties. Why not?

Accor, our exclusive partner can offer the full range of internship opportunities relevant to the course. When you complete the course, there are potential employment opportunities with Accor.


17. Will Swiss accreditation be recognised in other countries if I want to work overseas?

The global ranking of HTMI Switzerland is recognised globally & offers unlimited career opportunities for students all round the world – Accor, our hotels partner has hotel properties in many countries.


18. How many hours/days of lessons on campus will there be each week?

Our required face to face study component is 15 hours per week over three days which means you will need to attend classes for five hours per day. There is also an additional self-study component for each unit to ensure you complete all the coursework.


19. What subjects make up the course?

***This is a proposed schedule and may be subject to change***

YR 1Contact HoursPractical HoursIndep Studies
Unit CodeSession 1
1110Tourism Studies: 4040
1120Contemporary Issues in Hotel Studies:4040
1130Food & Beverage Service – Theory & Pract206020
1140Food & Beverage Service – Cost control8080
 Session 2
1210Culinary Theory and Practical206020
1220Entrepreneurial Project2040
1230Information Technology 14040
 Session 3
YR 2Contact HoursPractical HoursIndep Studies
 Session 1
2110Introduction to Marketing4060
2120Beverage and Wine Studies4060
2130Food & Beverage Management
2140Hospitality Finance 24060
 Session 2
2210Introduction to HRM and Organisations4060
2220Rooms Division Operations4020
2230Hotel & Resort Management4060
2240Research Methods 14060
 Session 3:


20. How do I enrol?  Do I have to go through QTAC (for Qld)?

You enrol directly with HTMI Australia.


21. What if I have only completed Year 10 however I have already completed another VET qualification?  Can I still apply?

Yes, you can.