Payment Options

At HTMi Australia, we understand the commitments you need to make to pay for your course. That is why we designed simple payment options to offer you the freedom and flexibility to select the one that is aligned with your needs. Find out more below to get your course started at HTMi Australia.


Where do I locate the fees for the HTMi Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management?

To know more about our fees, you can:

  1. Call our experienced HTMi course advisors on 1300 018 338 or;
  2. Contact Us Online


What are my payment options?

Option 1: $250 deposit upon acceptance of enrolment and then 6 equal instalment payments corresponding to each trimester of study. Each instalment is due at the beginning of each study period.

Option 2: $250 deposit upon acceptance of enrolment and then equal weekly or fortnightly instalments. 


Student Potential Internship Income

Year 1Year 2TOTAL
Potential Income from Internship (based on an average hourly rate of $25 for 440 hours)$11,000 $11,000 Potential Internship Income $22,000

*Paid internships subject to employer approval of intern application.
*The hourly rate for paid internships (in a housekeeping or food & beverage role) will start at the base casual hourly rate of $25.28/hour. This is based on the Hospitality Industry General Award pay rate effective 2/7/18 and will be updated with the annual revised award rates (next revision is 1/7/19)
*Potential earnings are indicative only and should only be used as a guide. Potential earnings are based on $25.28 per hour (gross minimum wage before tax) for a minimum of 440 hours per internship term.
† Remuneration is dependent on negotiation with the employer; some students may choose to work on a voluntary basis.