Student Support


Orientation at HTMi is a time to welcome new faces into the student community. It is a chance for you to familiarise yourself with your course requirements, services – both academic and social – and take time to adjust to campus life. There are also a number of fun events on and off campus!

HTMi Australia operates compulsory orientation in the first week before classes start.

Our Student Services team will contact you prior to your commencement to inform you of all the dates and details of your orientation sessions.

What happens at Orientation?

  • You will have the opportunity to obtain an overview of your course timetable
  • Meet your peers also commencing in the course
  • Participate in support workshops to assist you throughout your studies
  • Complete your enrolment paperwork
  • Gain knowledge of all services offered on and off campus

HTMi Australia has services aimed at providing students with ongoing support throughout the course of their studies.


  • Short-term counselling for personal or interpersonal issues
  • Ongoing counselling and support for students presenting with high levels of stress and more complex personal problems
  • Self-help and information leaflets
  • Referral to local counselling services if long-term or specialised help is needed

The professional counsellors offer assistance to all students. Services are free and confidential, and the counsellors are friendly and caring.

Counselling can help students to increase their enjoyment of study by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety caused by study pressures, personal or family problems. Counselling is a positive experience that can help you feel more in charge of your life. It can assist with decision-making, help to introduce new perspectives and skills, clarify goals, and increase understanding of your emotional world. Sometimes we can all benefit from a helping hand to work through life’s challenges.

HTMi Australia counsellors offer a range of support to students via email, telephone, Skype, as well as face to face counselling consultations by appointment. Same-day appointments without notice can also be provided wherever possible.



Students will engage in 15 hours of on campus face-to-face learning at HTMi Australia. A typical day on campus will involve five hours each day, including a half hour break.

8.30am – 11am
11am – 11.30am (break)
11.30am – 2pm

Additional hours will be required for independent study, your trainer will discuss this requirement at the beginning of your course.


Academic Support

HTMi Australia offers a diverse array of academic support services to help students develop the academic skills necessary to successfully progress through their course. Students have access to dedicated academic support staff on campus who offer one-on-one support sessions along with group sessions on important study aspects such as understanding elements of the assessment, study tips and how to manage presentations.


About our Trainers

Here at HTMi Australia, we are passionate about preparing students for the Hotel Industry, and all of the opportunities it has to offer. We bring together the best aspects of a Swiss hotel education, high level of professionalism and service standards, the Australian perspective of five star excellence and the industry expertise of Accor Hotels.

Our trainers come from all corners of the Hospitality and Tourism industries. They are well-versed in industry best-practices and apply their knowledge to create work-integrated learning programs that will allow students to excel in their careers. All trainers hold qualifications in vocational education and in the area of the subjects they teach.


Social Program

A variety of social events will be available to all students enrolled in HTMi Australia courses. These events aim to develop and forge strong relationships between students. Events like: Global Citizen – cultural exchange activities and movie nights are just a few examples. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Engagement Calendar

Ensuring students are engaged and connected to their campus is serious business at HTMi Australia. Every semester an engagement calendar is prepared which details all on-campus events, social activities, support services workshops, career counselling sessions and industry networking days.