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The hospitality industry is a vibrant, challenging, and fast-paced environment that offers a world of different career opportunities. The industry offers students the chance to build a strong foundation of skills that can be used throughout their career as well as fantastic opportunities for advancement. Hotel Management, Tourism, and Event Management are some of the exciting areas where students can develop their skills, create memorable experiences, and find out what they are capable of achieving.

Tourism and Hospitality are among one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and in the World. According to the World and Travel Tourism Council, by 2027, Travel & Tourism will account for 138,086,000 jobs directly, an increase of 2.2% pa over the next ten years. This includes employment by hotels, travel agents, airlines, and other passenger transportation services (excluding commuter services).* According to Deloitte Australia, it is expected 123,125 new workers (including 59,594 skilled workers) will need to be sourced in the tourism industry by 2020 (an increase of 4.1% per year)**

*World Travel & Tourism Council Economic Impact 2017 World Report  

**Deloitte’s Australian Tourism Labour Force Report 2015-2020

Hotel Management Careers

A career in hotel management allows students to play a key role in creating memorable experiences for guests. Whether it is dealing directly with guests or supporting and organising behind the scenes, you can use their planning skills and leadership qualities to make things happen. Positions could include roles working in:

  • General management and administration
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Rooms division and front office
  • Event management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Accounts and finance

Tourism Careers

A career in the global tourism industry can provide travelling opportunities across the globe. Tourism professionals can travel anywhere in a truly international industry. Tourism professionals use their communication and people skills to help others explore the world around them and experience new cultures. Positions could include roles working with:

  • Tourism attractions
  • Travel marketing
  • Tourism authorities
  • Destination management
  • Tour guiding
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Event tourism
  • Theme parks
  • Visitor Centres
  • Cultural tourism
  • Airline and cruise ships
  • Hotels, casinos & clubs
  • Environmental management
  • Corporate tourism/travel agency

Event Management Careers

Event management is a much sought after skill that can be used in many different industries. Event managers are in demand both in Australia and all over the world. It allows them to use their planning and organising skills to work with people to create and deliver successful events from concept through to implementation. Possibilities to work in this field include:

  • Event planner / manager / coordinator
  • Weddings, parties, balls, tourism, fashion, sport, corporate events, festivals and special events, international conventions
  • Facilities manager
  • Site or project manager
  • Government agencies
  • Fundraising events

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Career Services and Professional Development Support

A range of services are available to support students during their career preparation during their time at HTMi, including assistance with resume writing, job search activities and interview skills, as well as career advice and tips. Students also have the opportunity to participate in professional development activities designed to develop their personal, professional and practical skills. Throughout the course, students are able to network and engage with industry professionals, build valuable networks, and explore what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry through a number of real-life activities and events that are run both inside and outside the classroom.

Day in the life of a …

A Hotel Concierge is the glue that keeps a hotel running at any time. As the main face of the hotel from day-to-day, my personal presentation and demeanour are exceptional. A concierge knows every inch of the hotel, as well as the surrounding area, they play as host to guests and visitors; they know how to handle unforeseen incidence of all kinds. It’s one of many roles that a career in the hospitality industry can provide.


I studied Hotel Management which definitely gave me an edge – understanding the basics like being presentable, friendly and accommodating 100% of the time. From there, I started as a bellhop and moved my way slowy up the ranks, which is helpful because you meet everyone and get to know how a hotel really functions.


That no day is the same, and knowing that a guest is satisfied with how the hotel has helped them enjoy their experience.


Maintaining a clean-cut look and a cheerful demeanour throughout such a long day can be hard. Lunch breaks are often cut short… but it’s certainly never boring!

A well-planned event is a thing of beauty, but executing it on the day is a big undertaking – there’s so much that can go wrong at any given time. An event manager keeps the wheels rolling, keeps everyone focused on the task at hand and always knows what to do in an emergency.


Helping out with events wherever possible. Volunteering, helping friends organise parties – it’s all events really. But studying events helped me understand how to manage the fun and safety of hundreds to thousands of people at any time.


I dislike being bored, and this job is anything but. Watching a crowd at a music festival go wild, seeing everyone have fun – this is what you live for. If all goes well, you’re never out of work. There’s a lot to love in a career in event management.


Staying hydrated, taking meal breaks, not losing my temper over days that can last as long as 20 hours, but I think 9-5 in an office every day would be harder for me.

Not only do you need to know what it’s like to travel and be a traveler but knowing the right way to share and promote tourism destinations and activities is no easy task. You need to understand everything about a destination, including who would want to travel there and why. Keeping up with international events and travel trends is a daily routine.


I travelled everywhere in my gap year and decided that I wanted to travel more. But adult life meant I needed to study and find a job. I kept travelling throughout uni, studied a Bachelor of Business and used my extensive travel knowledge to become a marketing executive at a government tourism agency.


It’s hard not to love a career in the tourism industry. I still travel all the time so getting tips and trading stories is lots of fun. While I don’t have as much time off, I do know a lot of travel tricks to make trips more enjoyable.


Promoting a destination is hard. There’s a lot of research into marketing demographics, destinations, global news and politics, currency market – anything can affect a destination’s viability and allure.

Being a travel agent isn’t just coordinating flights and booking hotels, there’s a lot of first-hand travel experience and knowing exactly what kind of experience people want – plus simple chores that are common in retail environments. Every day is different.


Lots of travel. You need to understand how different people travel, what different destinations are like and all the different ways travel can be enjoyed – not everyone’s on holiday!


When customers return from overseas and email us their photos and stories. It’s so great to know someone had a good time because of my work. I’m glad I pursued a career in the tourism industry as a travel agent.


Putting through all the ticket purchases following the lunch-hour rush, there’s only a limited time limit for ticketing websites. Late lunches at the desk are frequent.